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    The EFLA workshop dedicated to Questions around national provisions: the case of nano labelling rules and titanium dioxide ban in France took place in Brussels on 12th December 2018.At the workshop participants were presented with an overview of the difficulties concerning detection of nanomaterials in foods by Dr Jan Mast, Head of Service Trace Elements and Nanomaterials at Sciensano (Belgium). In addition, we welcomed Dr Jacques-Aurélien Sergent, Corporate Product Safety Toxicologist at Solvay, presenting the industry perspective on nanomaterials including the aspects of their labelling and the titanium dioxide ban in France. The presentations were followed by a discussion on legal issues concerning nanomaterials labelling.

    More information in the programme available here.

    Related publication

    Article by EFLA members, Patrick Coppens and Francesco Planchenstainer, in European Food and Feed Law Review (February 2019) and inspired by the EFLA workshop on nano-materials, available under 'EFLA Publication' here.

  • Venue and timing

    Italian Food and Drink Industry Federation, Brussels, Belgium
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